Re: processing rabbit teeth

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From:Mary Stevens <>,
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Best advice for teeth which I rec'd from Sue Ryan a couple of years ago - decal and embed in Methymethacrylate.  I know they can be done in paraffin - but we've cut several studies in MMA and the results are absolutely beautiful.  The PI's comment "never seen quality like that".  Thanks Sue!!

If you already have MMA methods and need to know more tricks, etc, for the teeth - feel free to contact me.

>>> "Patrick M. Haley " <> - 2/23/2000 6:27 PM >>>
Hello Fellow Netters,
    Does anyone have a protocol for processing rabbit teeth? The  tooth will
remain in the jaw, with  soft tissue attached. Processing and microtomy
"tricks" will be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Pat Haley
HTN, inc.

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