Re: looking for anti-human antibody

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From:Kimberly L Merriam <>
To:Corazon Bucana <>
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Try staining the tumors with anti-vimentin, it should stain the human cells and
not the mouse cells.  There are lots of vendors that make this antibody.  We
use DAKO's V9 clone.

Kim Merriam
Cambridge, MA

Corazon Bucana wrote:

> Just curious if anyone has a good antibody to distinguish human tumor cells
> growing in nude mice. We have an investigator who is interested in tracking
> micrometastasis of human tumors growing in nude mice by immunohistochemistry
> .  Use of exotic markers such as GFP will be the last resort.  I tried an
> antibody to class I but some tumors are known to lose this antigen.  I would
> appreciate any comments or suggestions.
> C. Bucana
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