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<< nfortunately, once the complete dehydration is done there is very little
 you can do.  If it was NBF there is even a good chance you have precipitated
 buffer salts all over the outside as a crust.  This will further inhibit any
 penetration of fluids.  Maybe someone else can add more.  Pam
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 Hi all,
 An interesting question / problem...
 We have a brain which was fixed approx. 2 years ago in NBF, then
 stored.  Unfortunately the container was not sealed, and the NBF
 evaporated.  We now have an extremely dehydrated and shrivelled
 brain, and a consultant who wants histology on it!!  Any ideas as to
 rehydration / salvage would be greatly appreciated.
 Aidan Schurr, New Zealand
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  >>I have had limited experience with small specimens left out all night, 
and had to be rehydrated. When setting processor teck dropped block then  we 
had to hunt for it. When found we would use a glycerin solution in large 
container, with constant stirring. The brain, being so large, I wouldnt know 
where to begin. I do know the glycerin works on rehydrating tissue. Hope this 
helps a bit. Nothing to lose. 

Barb Stone

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