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From:Janet Maass <>
To:"Abrahamson, Brian" <babraham@MACNEAL.COM>
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Histo Specialities Ltd. does have available for sale the following control

Copper, Acid Fast Bacteria, Fungus, Gram, and Leptospira (spirochete).

Contact 970-223-4992 for more information


"Abrahamson, Brian" wrote:

> Hello all, I am new to this list so please forgive me if this has been
> discussed recently but I am in dire need of copper controls for our liver
> stain panel.  We usually buy them from newcomer supply, (which gets them
> from another source) but lately they have been out of stock and backorder
> like crazy.  We have attempted to make our own but to no avail.  I have
> heard that fetal liver and dog liver are good controls but our fetal liver
> hasn't worked and we don't have any access to dog tissue (anymore).  Does
> anyone have an idea for where to find or make or substitute a good copper
> control?  We have already tried copper sulfate soaked liver to no avail.
> Thanks for all your help
> Brian Abrahamson
> Genesis Clinical Lab
> Berwyn IL USA

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