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Hi Adriana,
    If you are using Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval, check your spec sheet as
it may recommend using PK. Both seem to work upon a glance but upon close
examination it makes a big difference in what stains and what doesn't. I may be
able to help further if you give us the protocol you are using.
Amos Brooks

"Turriago, Adriana" wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wandering if any of you have encountered problems with histiocytes
> picking up the stain when staining with AE1/AE3.  I have run a couple of
> lymph nodes and I get a granular staining with a different pattern than the
> tumor cells. I am using LSAB2 as a detection system.
> Any recommendations will be appreciated
> Thanks,
> Adriana
> Adriana Turriago
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