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    I think a histology program is its own recruitment plan. All you need is a
good program director to pitch the field to the biology majors. A histologist
with a 2 year degree will have less trouble finding a job than a biology major
with the same. And incidentally will probably make more money. This is how Anne
Marie Behling (for those of you who know her) suckered me into Histology. haha.
Now SHE was spirited if anything!
    The histology program in SUNY Cobleskill did seem to reduce the demand for
hostologists in the capital area of New York State, but when the students see
the opportunities that could await them if they are willing to leave the
immediate area, they will probably agree to spread out, giving the techs that
remain a little breathing room.
Amos Brooks

"MacDonald, Jennifer" wrote:

> A local community college is trying to start a training program for
> histotechnology.  It is well into the process, but was told that the
> recruitment plan is weak.  Does anyone have any ideas for recruitment?  Also
> there were concerns that the program would glut industry with graduates the
> first year and then have no jobs for future graduates.  Does anyone feel
> that this is a valid concern?   All comments and suggestions are welcome.
> Jennifer MacDonald
> San Antonio Community Hospital
> Upland, CA  91786
> (909) 985-2811 ext. 4148

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