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From:Geoff McAuliffe <mcauliff@UMDNJ.EDU>
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>      We have a question on the processing of rat testes fixed in Bouin's.
>      If anyone else out there is performing this type of procedure please
>      let us know how you handle the following:
>      1. How do you rinse the Bouin's (picric acid) out of the tissue?

I have always used 4 changes of  50% ethanol, 1-1.5 hours each, to remove
excess Picric acid from tissues. Then proceed to the remainder of dehydration
as usual.

>      2. Do you use alcohol rinses and end in 70% alcohol?
>      3. Do you perform these rinses manually or on a tissue processor?


>      4. If a processor is used, which one?
>      We are currently manually rinsing the testes in alcohol down to 70%
>      where they remain until they are processed to block.  The idea of
>      using a tissue processor to perform this task seems good but Sakura
>      has informed us that they do not recommend doing this because the
>      picric acid will damage the VIP processor.
>      Any suggestions, ideas let us know.
>      Thanks
>      Richard Rodriguez
>      Schering-Plough Research Institute
>      Lafayette NJ
>      973-579-4282

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