Re: Question on Automated Cassette Labelers

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From:amos brooks <>
To:Victor Tobias <>
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    We have had good experiences with the TBS ShureMark cassette labeler. It
is a real trooper, I cant imagine most labelers putting up with our
workload. We have six labelers that knock out about 2500 cassettes per day.
The labeler is integrated with our AP system (such as it is) and I've never
seen any problems with the labels washing off.
    Problems to look for may include the cassettes not feeding into the
labeler properly, after the cassette is printed the catcher occasionally
misses (but then again so do many major league catchers haha). Most of the
problems can be solved by having a lab assistant babysit them and give them
some TLC (and an occasional kick). Overall they work well.
Amos Brooks

Victor Tobias wrote:

> We are interested in purchasing a cassette labeler. I would like to hear
> from all users as to what you like about your particular unit and
> dislike. Is it integrated with an AP software system? I would be happy
> to summarize my findings for the Histonet. Thanks to all.
> Victor Tobias
> Histology Supervisor
> University of Washington Medical Center
> Seattle, WA

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