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The steamer method as I use it is:

I have a Presto Kitchen Kettle.

I put approximately 550 ml of DI water in it, and put the buffer solution in 
a stain container and put it in the steamer basket of the kettle.  I set the 
steamer temperature for 250 degrees F and put the cover on the Kettle.  I 
preheat for 20 minutes, then add the slides to the buffer solution and leave 
them in for 20 minutes.  At the end of the 20 minutes I take the cover off 
the steamer and unplug the Kettle.  Let the slides cool in the buffer 
solution for 20 minutes.  Then I gently rinse with running water.  I had to 
test the temperature of the solutions till I got it to a point where it was 
reaching 97 degrees C.  My solutions never boil over and I can put as many as 
4 different solutions in at once in the oblong staining containers.  You do 
not have to have full racks of slides as in the microwave.  I've been using 
this since September and have been very pleased with the results.

Ellen Yee
Central Histology Facility
Sacramento, CA

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