Re: Multiple CPT Code Billing

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From:Rick Roberts <>
To:Robert Santoianni <>, Histonet <>
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Your Admin. Asst. is obviously a clinical lab person. Tell them to look at
the CPT codes for special stains. They say EACH. The only qualifier is,
you need to have the stains listed individually in the report, i.e. GMS,
PAS done on A1. You will not get reimbursed for a report that just says
"Special stains done on A1".

Robert Santoianni wrote:

> Does anyone out there know if you can charge for identical special
> stains on the same specimen?  For example, AFB (88312) on blocks 1A and
> 1C.  Our admin. asst. says that you cannot bill for multiple identical
> special stains on a specimen.
> Bob Santoianni
> Emory University Hospital
> Atlanta, GA

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