Re: Microscopic slide files

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From:"Ford M. Royer" <>
To:Bruce Schainker <>, Histo Net <>
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These are now available from Sakura Finetek USA and sold under the Tissue-Tek
brand name.  Distributed by Allegiance and VWR.
Sakura: 800-725-5227
Allegiance: 800-964-5227
VWR: 800-932-5000
Ford M. Royer, MT(ASCP)
Analytical Instruments, Ltd
 (Refurbished Histology, Cytology, & General Lab Equipment)
9921 13th Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55441-5004
800-565-1895 phone
612-929-1895 fax
web site:

Bruce Schainker wrote:

> Does anyone in Histonetland use and know how to order the "Technicon
> Lab Aid Slide File System" for filing glass slides? I like their slide
> drawers because they have a T-like track on the bottom of each drawer
> that makes the drawer more stable and the slides less likely to spill.
> Bruce Schainker,M.D.

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