Re: Identical CPT Code Bill CLARIFICATION

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From:Rick Roberts <>
To:Sheila Poellein <>
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This is absolutely FALSE. You can charge for as many special stains as you
perform, again, as long as you list them individually.

Sheila Poellein wrote:

> There is a good article concerning CPT coding in the July 99 CAP Today, the
> author says no to your question.  It's a special stain charge per specimen
> not per slide or per block.  Sheila
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> Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 6:51 AM
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> Subject: Identical CPT Code Bill CLARIFICATION
> We are asking about performing the same special stain on multiple blocks
> of the same specimen.  Example: Lung blocks 1A-1D.  Need AFB on blocks
> 1A and 1C.  Can you bill 88312 X2?

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