Re: IHC and Melanin Pigment

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From:Joyce Kotzuk <>,,
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Vector has a new substrate called NovaRed which produces a red reaction product, is very sensitive and crisp, and can be dehydrated and run through xylene and coverslipped with permount. I like it a lot, and it would give you the contrast you need to distinguish it from melanin. Just an alternative to AEC, which also works quite well.
Joyce Kotzuk, Univ. of New Mexico pathology dept.

>>> Katri Tuomala <> 02/16/00 07:40PM >>>
Hi Mike,

The potassium permanganate bleach will destroy the antigenicity. I use
AEC instead of DAB as the chromogen for those cases with any endogenous
brown pigment.
AEC produces a red end product, which is easily distinguishable from the
melanin pigment. You'll just have to use an aqueous mounting media.


Katri Tuomala
Anatomic Pathology
St.Joseph's Hospital
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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