Re: Histogel revisited

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From:amos brooks <>
To:Lynn Gardner <>
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    I was the one who asked and I didn't see any either. {:-) You didn't
miss much Lynn.
    For those interested The question was in response to someone having
mentioned that they had seen some light background staining surrounding
histogel tissue on h(a)ematoxylin and eosin stains. This led me to ask if
anyone had tried immunohistochemistries on tissue treated this way as the
background might be intensified by the procedures involved. Special stains
might intensify this background too, especially silver stains.
equally befuddled,
Amos Brooks

Lynn Gardner wrote:

> Dear all,
> The other day I saw that someone asked if tissue that was in histogel,
> fixed and processed could be stained for immunohistochemistry. I did not
> see the answers could someone let me know if this is a possibility?
> Thanks all!
> Lynn Gardner

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