Re: Hazards of formaldehyde

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Thanks Dick.  There can never be too much information on formaldehyde

I have had to fight what appears to be a "macho" attitude with
women and men in labs I have worked in.  Being safe from the effects
of formaldehyde is suggested to be a matter of strength of character
or the willingness to endure them a sign of professional dedication to the
larger world of science.  I wish these people would just get FORMALDEHYDE
tattooed on themselves and leave the lab a safer place for the rest of us.

I am 57 and have had serious problems with sensitivity to other 
things including medications I needed but could not tolerate.  No one can
convince me that once your body has had assaults from things like
formaldehyde in the lab that it won't effect you in other ways.

Why formaldehyde is still used when other fixatives are available is a
profound mystery to me.

Fight for your rights to a safe work place.  Trust me, at 57 I have a
right to an opinion on the consequences.


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