Re: Gms with fungus other than the control fungus staining

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From:Tony Henwood <>, "Scott, Allison D" <>
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Dear Allison,

> We are having  a problem with a contaminate fungus that is being picked up
> with the gms stain on cytospins.  The patient slide is contaimated with a
> fungus.  We use sterile water for our water rinses, and the stock and
> working solutions are made up with sterile water also.  We don't make the
> cytospins.  Th cytology person makes them.  This happened with a case last
> week and also this week.  The other cases that the gms was done on did not
> have anything else staining that was not supose to.  These were case that we
> cut.  The water baths have sterile water also.  If anyone has a probable
> solution for this problem, that we have not considered please reply.
You will probably find that the fungus is already on the slide before 
cytospining. Ask the cyto prep staff to use clean slides for the 

Regards, Tony
Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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