Re: GMA staining: Technovit v. JB-4

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From:Tony Henwood <>, (Carla Aiwohi)
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Dear Carla,
> Recently our lab began using Technovit 7100 glycol methacrylate instead of
> JB-4.  We have been very happy with the results, however staining (H&E, Giemsa)
> is rather pale - photos are usually too light to submit for publication.
> Increasing staining time (in Gill's #3 hematoxylin and alcoholic eosin) and
> section thickness (to 3 microns) has helped a little, but the staining isn't as
> dark as with JB-4.  We switched from JB-4 because of the 'cracked paint'
> artifact in areas without tissue.  These were also referred to as mini-folds in
> J of Histotechnology 19(4):297-311.
> We want to continue using Technovit so does anyone have any suggestions on how
> to increase staining quality in these sections?  Also, has anyone else
> experienced the 'cracked paint' phenomenon and how did you correct it?

Try a Celestine Blue/Haematoxylin or an Iron Haematoxylin. I have 
found that they are an improvement.

You may also consider using a "hard" fixative such as Bouins, Hellys 
(containing Hg or Zn) or even FAA.

Hope this helps,
Regards,  Tony

Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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