Re: Fwd: please distribute, help find this little girl

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Steven M. Crochiere in Pittsfield MA recently forward this piece of spam to 

PLEASE - all you newbies on the Internet - before you spam your friends and 
list servers with something like this, look it up on one of the Urban Legends 
or Virus Hoax Web sites. It's often fastest to look the item up with a search 
engine - that's what I did here, using the child's name. I recommend 
MetaCrawler for this purpose, but many other search engine will serve. I have 
NEVER received an item like this that didn't turn out to be a hoax or other 
gave me the following information:

>>This is not a hoax, but it is old news. Within two days after her 
disappearance, Krystava Schmidt was found and returned to her mother safe and 

 According to the St. Paul [Minnesota] Pioneer Press, 20-month-old Krystava 
Schmidt (middle name spelled "Patience" in the news article) was taken from 
her home "for a drive" on July 10, 1998 (not 1997) by 18-year-old Rebecca 
Lynn DeArmond, a renter in the same home. Police were alerted when the two 
did not return. Krystava's mother also penned and circulated an email alert 
which, over time, has been altered and forwarded to every corner of the 

Two days after the kidnapping, DeArmond and the child were located in a 
nearby city and DeArmond was arrested. She admitted to taking the child "to 
make her uncle worry" and was charged with felony counts of False 
Imprisonment and Depriving Another of Parental Rights. 

The alert is now junk mail, but Mounds View [Minnesota] police are still 
fielding phone calls from concerned recipients. If you receive the message, 
don't forward it. The only good deed called for now is to help stop this 
erroneous and wasteful alert from circulating for all eternity.<<

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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