Re: Fumes (was 10%Formalin etc)

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From:Don Hammer <>
To:Tim Morken <>,
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Good idea Tim, but Grouchy would be a little less diplomatic.  *grin*
Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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Sent: Friday, February 18, 2000 5:42 AM
Subject: Fumes (was 10%Formalin etc)

> Don "Grouchy Old Man" Hammer wrote:
> <... stop worrying so much about surroundings and fumes>
> Those fumes are also good for keeping the rif-raf out of your lab!
> So we could say 'If you can't stand the fumes stay out of the lab!'
> Tim Morken
> Atlanta
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> From: Don Hammer <>
> To: "Mohammed, Sayeed" <>,
> Subject: Re: 10% NBF. How to check the concentration.
> Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 21:52:13 -0800
> Hi Sayeed,
> It might just be the tissues in the failing batch were not the same
> thickness, therefore not fixing at the same rate of time, BUT,
> I would suggest they toss it out and make their own 10% Formalin. (take
> control)  It's the simplest "recipe" in the books.  The use of the term
> "recipe" for procedures is another subject dear to my heart  but will
> that for another communication.  I have a recipe for Chocolate Chip
> BUT a procedure for 10% Formalin.  :)  Imagine how much it costs to ship
> water.   Sheeeeeeeez!  A hellava bunch of money for the distributors and
> postal service.   What does it take to make 10% Formalin?  Not a guru,
> that's for sure.  If one is afraid of exposure, a mask is cheaper and you
> can steal them from the Operating Room too.  *Grin*.
> Besides, just look around and see the ole Histotecs that are still around
> before we became so damned scared of all the chemicals.  :)  Me for one!
> Dezna lived a long great life, Freida still kickin' her heels, and then
> there is Chuck C,  Bob S., Marilyn G, Judy W, Ken U,  Gayle C. and so many
> others that the list would go on forever.
> I think it's time to put the "pansies" in the damn garden and let them
> in Spring and get back to the basics and stop worrying so much about
> surroundings and fumes....... it's been over rated for the well being of
> suppliers, safety inspectors and the law makers who want to keep their
> ( I just convinced myself to spray the damn Blackberry Bushes growing wild
> on my property and kill the bastards not worrying about whether I will
> the few hairs on my damn chest. )  *Evil Grin*  [anyone one want to make
> last Homemade Blackberry Pie? or should we continue to buy them from Ma
> Stouffer so the fingers don't get bluish-purple and scratched, god-forbid]
> Oh god, how I remember Marilyn's homemade Blackberry Pie on a visit to
> Seattle :)
> Even a Homemade crust and gobs of butter too!!!.......ummmmmmmmmmmm! So
> good! Luv ya Marilyn :)
> Just a little common sense will save lots of money and health.  MSDS's
> the suppliers asses, not save yours!  Spray a chemical in your eyes and
> to find them and THEN interpret them to see what to do about the
> Hummmmmmmm
> Is glad he is:
> Don Hammer, Retired Guy  *Biggest grin*
> (the opinions are my own and not of my FORMER employer and look forward to
> any others on the Histonet)  :)
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> From: Mohammed, Sayeed <>
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> Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 6:15 AM
> Subject: 10% NBF. How to check the concentration.
>  > Hi Histonetters.
>  > Recently a neighboring lab had a problem with two different batches of
>  > formalin from the supplier. One batch was not fixing the
issue( routine
>  > tissue ) properly, whereas the other batch fixed it in the same time
>  > same type of tissue. The supplier did not have any answers except " we
>  > checked the batch and found nothing wrong with it." The techs in the
>  > checked both batches for pH and found no difference. So, my suggestion
> was
>  > to check the concentration. Any netters out there have an idea.
>  >
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