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Well, yes, but this ignores the MeOH in formaldehyde, and it's because of
the MeOH that us electron types use paraformaldehyde. (There, I condemned
myself. I do do LM also, honest!)

And I made the mistake of trying to fix cultured macrophages with 10% NBF.
Distorted them horribly, because of the methanol.


>> I thought there was little or no difference between 4% paraformaldehyde and
>> 10% neutral buffered formalin.  Will a chemist step in and resolve my
>> confusion??
>  I'm not a chemist, but know enough to assure you that you
>  are entirely correct in your thoughts about formaldehyde.
>  All this has been the subject of dozens of HistoNet
>  communications.  Now the archives are again available
>  on the web, there's no point re-quoting the textbooks
>  yet another time.
>  The Archives are very good - well indexed etc - but
>  we must remember that this informal exchange of
>  questions and answers is not the font of eternal
>  wisdom. The only reliable sources of information are
>  peer-reviewed journals and textbooks (which cite the
>  journals, and also are quite severely vetted by their
>  publishers before being taken on as commercial risks).
>  Every lab doing histology should have a shelf full of
>  big textbooks (10 X $100 = $1000) and two or three
>  journals (@ $100 to 200 per year each: Max. $600 per
>  year). Total expenditure is $1000 statim and a few
>  hundred a year thereafter. This is well below 1% of
>  the salary of some worthless senior administrator ...
>  (Perhaps I'd better say no more, having made the point.)
> John A. Kiernan,
> Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology,
> The University of Western Ontario,
> LONDON,  Canada  N6A 5C1

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