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From:Rick Roberts <>
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If you need to run alot of slides, we have a TechMate1000, with and In-situ
oven, for sale. wrote:

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> Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2000 10:15 PM
> To: Sharon Osborn; perl
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> In a clinical setting where you do well established procedures for diagnosis
> and you charge the patient for the cost of the test the Ventana systems work
> well, but if you are doing thousands of slides in research comparative
> studies the Ventana in not practical and especially not cost effective.
> True, the DAKO takes a lot longer to run, but you can do 48 slides at one
> time and run them overnight while at home sleeping.  What you need in
> research is affordable, consistant results.  The DAKO may take twice as
> long, but even using DAKO detection it cost about 10 times less per slide
> than the Ventana, for me, and when you cannot bill a patient the cost is
> very important.  As for set up time, with auto programs and the DAKO label
> printer, I think the DAKO is approaching comparable setup time to the
> Ventana.  My opinion.
> Patsy Ruegg
> Subject: Re: Autostainer for IHC
> I think you should look at the NEXes, although DAKO does 48 slides, it can
> take 2 to three times as long to run those slides, I've seen head to head
> comparisons between the TAT and I would have to ask, why would you want to
> wait twice as long to get your slides? Also with the set up times involved,
> Ventana's system is so much faster and easier to set up.
> I've seen people on here talking about the detection being closed and
> possibly costing more, Ventana is the only company that can gaurantee slide
> cost using thier reagents due to the 100ul per slide gaurantee and by using
> thier optimized reagents, high quality, consistant slides is what you get
> day in and day out. If cost is the most important factor in considering
> autostaining systems, Ventana by far is one of the most cost effective
> systems on the market. Give them a call and I am sure they will prove it to
> you as they did to me.
> That's why I am working for them now!
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> Date: Sunday, February 20, 2000 10:24 PM
> Subject: Re: Autostainer for IHC
> >Dr. Perl,  The DAKO will do 48 slides, the Leica (if same as the USA model)
> >does 24 slides (I think).  It could be suitable for small volumes.  Here,
> >Zymed markets it with their detection system.  sharon osborn
> >
> >perl wrote:
> >
> >> Dear Histonetters,
> >>
> >> We are in the process of purchasing an Automated
> >> immunohistochemical stainer.
> >> If anyone has experience in this field, please let me know which
> >> system would you recommend.
> >> Here we can by machines made by: Ventana, Lab Vision, Lleica.
> >>
> >> Samuel
> >> Dr Samuel Perl
> >> Head, Dept. of Pathology
> >> Kimron Veterinary Institute
> >> P.O.Box 12, 50250 Bet Dagan
> >> E-mail:  Fax: (972)39681730  Phone: (972) 39681635
> >
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