Re: 10% NBF. How to check the concentration.

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Ah hem...  The Bob S. could not possibly mean me???  I'm way too young
to retire (also too poor).   Off to the mountains to get some biking in
with the boy sand play some golf, it should reach 70 tomorrow......  

You're too right on the formalin

Don Hammer wrote:
> Hi Sayeed,
> It might just be the tissues in the failing batch were not the same
> thickness, therefore not fixing at the same rate of time, BUT,
> I would suggest they toss it out and make their own 10% Formalin. (take
> control)  It's the simplest "recipe" in the books.  The use of the term
> "recipe" for procedures is another subject dear to my heart  but will leave
> that for another communication.  I have a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies,
> BUT a procedure for 10% Formalin.  :)  Imagine how much it costs to ship 90%
> water.   Sheeeeeeeez!  A hellava bunch of money for the distributors and the
> postal service.   What does it take to make 10% Formalin?  Not a guru,
> that's for sure.  If one is afraid of exposure, a mask is cheaper and you
> can steal them from the Operating Room too.  *Grin*.
> Besides, just look around and see the ole Histotecs that are still around
> before we became so damned scared of all the chemicals.  :)  Me for one!
> Dezna lived a long great life, Freida still kickin' her heels, and then
> there is Chuck C,  Bob S., Marilyn G, Judy W, Ken U,  Gayle C. and so many
> others that the list would go on forever.
> I think it's time to put the "pansies" in the damn garden and let them bloom
> in Spring and get back to the basics and stop worrying so much about
> surroundings and fumes....... it's been over rated for the well being of the
> suppliers, safety inspectors and the law makers who want to keep their jobs.
> ( I just convinced myself to spray the damn Blackberry Bushes growing wild
> on my property and kill the bastards not worrying about whether I will lose
> the few hairs on my damn chest. )  *Evil Grin*  [anyone one want to make one
> last Homemade Blackberry Pie? or should we continue to buy them from Ma
> Stouffer so the fingers don't get bluish-purple and scratched, god-forbid]
> Oh god, how I remember Marilyn's homemade Blackberry Pie on a visit to
> Seattle :)
> Even a Homemade crust and gobs of butter too!!!.......ummmmmmmmmmmm! So
> good! Luv ya Marilyn :)
> Just a little common sense will save lots of money and health.  MSDS's cover
> the suppliers asses, not save yours!  Spray a chemical in your eyes and try
> to find them and THEN interpret them to see what to do about the situation.
> Hummmmmmmm
> Is glad he is:
> Don Hammer, Retired Guy  *Biggest grin*
> (the opinions are my own and not of my FORMER employer and look forward to
> any others on the Histonet)  :)
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> From: Mohammed, Sayeed <>
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> Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 6:15 AM
> Subject: 10% NBF. How to check the concentration.
> > Hi Histonetters.
> > Recently a neighboring lab had a problem with two different batches of
> > formalin from the supplier. One batch was not fixing the tissue( routine
> > tissue ) properly, whereas the other batch fixed it in the same time and
> > same type of tissue. The supplier did not have any answers except " we
> > checked the batch and found nothing wrong with it." The techs in the lab
> > checked both batches for pH and found no difference. So, my suggestion was
> > to check the concentration. Any netters out there have an idea.
> >
> > * M. Sayeed
> > Email:
> >
> >

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