Re: 10% NBF. How to check the concentration.

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The supplier  should have logged a complaint in their complaint system and at
least looked into the problem with the return of the lots that where being

It is a good idea to purchase  products from manufacturers who are ISO
certitifed or GMP compliant.  They have complaint systems to make sure their
products are kept up to snuff.  QA is ongoing in these companies and they want
to hear if someone is having a problem.

You can purchase 10% NBF from EM Science/BDH,  Catalog # 65346/85  for  1 gal
and Catalog #65346/88 for 5 gal.through VWR at 1-800-932-5000  or Fisher. If you
don't use these vendors, we also distribute through many other distributors. All
the Harleco products are made in a GMP facility inspected by the FDA and all
chemicals are manufactured in an ISO facility.

Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science/BDH

"Mohammed, Sayeed" <> on 02/17/2000 09:15:05 AM

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Subject:  10% NBF. How to check the concentration.

Hi Histonetters.
Recently a neighboring lab had a problem with two different batches of
formalin from the supplier. One batch was not fixing the tissue( routine
tissue ) properly, whereas the other batch fixed it in the same time and
same type of tissue. The supplier did not have any answers except " we
checked the batch and found nothing wrong with it." The techs in the lab
checked both batches for pH and found no difference. So, my suggestion was
to check the concentration. Any netters out there have an idea.

*    M. Sayeed

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