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you might want to contact Dr. Davis who is at the veterinary school in
Pullman Washington, Washington State University.  He has a monoclonal
antibody center there with MANY antibodies specfic for the non-human animal.
not sure about your specific request, but i'm sure he could make a valuable


Davis, William C.
509-335-6051 (Bustad 329)
509-335-6039 (Bustad 248A)
509-335-6058 (Bustad 326)

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From: marcus davey []
Sent: February 25, 2000 11:19 AM
Subject: sheep muscle specific antibodies

to all histonetters

does anyone know of any muscle antibodies specific for
cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscle proteins that
reacts with sheep cells.

eg. cardiac specific actin and/or myson and/or

any help would be greatly appeciated

marcus davey

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