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Pathologist seem to enjoy a low profile where Histology and training are
concerned.  Even when it is their training to read the latest types of
antibodies.  Pam
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While I believe that there are some other pathologists on the list, I
seem to remember one or two posts, I would like to state that you are
one of the FEW pathologists that has an in depth knowledge of histology
(let alone the nice tid bits of historical information). I, for one, am
very glad that you are on this list.  Your input is both valuable and

 Most pathologists will simply ask for ISH for apoptosis or even a Retic
but have no clue as what is required on the technologists part.  For
example I note that in some of your past posts that you cut your own
frozen sections, this skill is one that only about 50% (and that may be
pushing it) of pathologists have.

Back in my younger days when I supervised a large histology lab in MI,
the Director of the lab. and I made sure that all path. residents at
least knew how to use a cryostat and a microtome as well as do some
special stains.  I know that in some places that was a routine part of
their residency but in many it was not.  I'm not intending to bash
pathologists here (being at their end of the microscope now) but I do
feel that a little more education in histology at their end would equate
to a lot more education at the technician end.

OK, I'll step off of my soap box now and feel free to throw those
tomatoes.... wrote:

> PS: Very strong agreement with Don Schoonhoven that >>I have found that in
> the laboratories that have inadequately trained technicians the reasons
> be placed at the pathologists' door.<< - For starters, why is the Samurai
> only working pathologist who's active on Histonet?

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