RE: nonspecific staining with ventana

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We have had some similar problems with our nexEs and the 34BE12 antibody
although we don't use amplifier on it though.  It seems as though it's a
residual antibody problem.  Do you do any antigen retrieval on your NSE?  We
now use the Dako antigen retrieval solution in the pressure cooker with very
good results. 

Brian Abrahamson
Genesis Clinical Labs
Berwyn IL

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	Sent:	Tuesday, February 15, 2000 2:18 PM
	Subject:	nonspecific staining with ventana

	We have just purchased the Ventana Nexes Immunostainer.  I am having
a problem with heavy
	nonspecific staining on NSE and Melanosome.  I
	think that it is caused by the Amplifier A&B.
	When I remove them from the protocol the stain clears up.  Control
tissue stained without the
	amplifier works also.  I was wondering if anyone
	else has run into this problem and what else I
	can try to eliminate it.  

	Vicki McKaughan HT (ASCP)

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