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we treate the morgue coolers as a refrigerator, 4 degrees +/- 3 degrees.  I
used Theory and Practice of Histotechnology,  2nd ed., Sheehan & Hrapchack,
Battelle Press, Columbus, 1980. p 425.  Hope this is what you're looking

Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
Histology Supervisor
Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
San Antonio, Texas 

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> hello all, i have a question concerning the temperatures of the morgue 
> refridgerators. We are a small hospital with a very small morgue (2
> fridges) 
> for bodies, and we are approaching our JACHO inspection and need to
> impliment 
> a policy on the regulated temperatures. I was curious as to what the
> "normal" 
> range (in celcius) do most of you keep them at and what resource you got
> it 
> from (ie. manual,other facilities). We are currently keeping QC on them,
> we 
> just do not have a policy to refer the inspector to. I would appreciate
> any 
> help, thanks! 

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