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I have been delighted with the "Checker" hand held pH meter.  The "Checker
1" sells for $32. 
To get an accurate reading you have to wait a few minutes.  You also need to
reset the meter with standard buffer each time you use it.  After a year of
histology lab abuse, the electrode needs to be replaced.  The replacement
electrode costs $16.  The "Checker" is made in Mauritius.  I buy them from :
Daiggger  --  1-800-621-7193  --
675 Heathrow Drive
Lincolnshire, IL  60069

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		At NSH, I heard a lecturer mention a handheld pH meter that
was not 
		expensive. Can anone provide any information about such a
unit??  We just 
		want to check Eosin etc.
		At the time this was not a concern, but I am in a new
position and we need to 
		do more QC and we need to keep it simple.
		Thank you.

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