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From:"Abrahamson, Brian" <babraham@MACNEAL.COM>

I have used both Pen-Fix and another product called Dissect-Aid.  Of the two
the Dissect-Aid seems to work the best and also seems a bit stronger,
although both products take about half a day to work well.  I also noticed
that if the tissues are not rinsed long enough after being in either product
(mostly Dissect-Aid) that it has an adverse effect on the processing of
OTHER tissues in the processor in the same run.  The result is usually
uneven staining due to inadequate processing.

Brian Abrahamson
Genesis Clinical Lab
Berwyn IL USA

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	Sent:	Thursday, February 17, 2000 11:52 AM
	To:	Histologists

	Does anyone have a good procedure for defatting
	tissues that they would like to share?  Right now
	we're defatting with a gradient of Isopropanols and
	Acetone.  The procedure takes 3 hours!!  I am looking
	to use Pen-Fix.  Thanks in advance for any input.

	Michelle Lowe
	Supervisor Anatomic Pathology/Histology
	Valley Children's Hospital
	Madera, CA
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