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From:Michael Archambault <>
To:"'Abrahamson, Brian'" <babraham@MACNEAL.COM>

Hi Brian

There's a company named Pel-Freez that will supply animal materials,
primarily canine but many others are avail.  They are relatively inexpensive
and provide LOTS of material (ie whole organs).  The company contact info

Pel Freez
PO Box 68
Rogers, AR  72757

They are willing to fix things as requested, and have the capability to make
some special fixatives.  If you need a rather unusual fixative, I'd
recommend shipping it to them.  Turn around time is generally fast- they can
usually fill orders within a week or so of receiving the request.

Hope this helps


Michael Archambault
Research Scientist
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc
410-522-5005 x 226

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> From: 	Abrahamson, Brian[SMTP:babraham@MACNEAL.COM]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 16, 2000 10:33 AM
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> Subject: 	copper controls
> Hello all, I am new to this list so please forgive me if this has been
> discussed recently but I am in dire need of copper controls for our liver
> stain panel.  We usually buy them from newcomer supply, (which gets them
> from another source) but lately they have been out of stock and backorder
> like crazy.  We have attempted to make our own but to no avail.  I have
> heard that fetal liver and dog liver are good controls but our fetal liver
> hasn't worked and we don't have any access to dog tissue (anymore).  Does
> anyone have an idea for where to find or make or substitute a good copper
> control?  We have already tried copper sulfate soaked liver to no avail.
> Thanks for all your help
> Brian Abrahamson
> Genesis Clinical Lab
> Berwyn IL USA

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