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I agree that this would be a good avenue to take.  When I was supervisor in
Stockton we had students apply for histo positions if they decided they
didn't want to move to do EM.  They had the basics and it was a great start.

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		I think you have a good idea as there is no course on the
west coast since 
		the one in Seattle closed. You might want to talk to Sumiko
Sumida about why 
		that happened.

		I suggest you talk to the people that run the electron
microscopy program at 
		San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA. Judy Murphy is
the director. They 
		have had the best course in the country for years and they
recruit all over 
		the country because there are so few courses of that sort.
They always have 
		a lot of students, even in the biological field where jobs
are very scarce.

		I don't think you will saturate the market. I think you will
have to tell 
		potential students that they may have to have a broad
outlook as to 
		location. There are lots of jobs but not necessarily where
they want to live 
		right now.

		Delta College website:

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		At 10:44 AM 02/21/2000 -0800, you wrote:
		 >A local community college is trying to start a training
program for
		 >histotechnology.  It is well into the process, but was
told that the
		 >recruitment plan is weak.  Does anyone have any ideas for
		 >there were concerns that the program would glut industry
with graduates 
		 >first year and then have no jobs for future graduates.
Does anyone feel
		 >that this is a valid concern?   All comments and
suggestions are welcome.
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