RE: Multiple CPT Code Billing

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It is my opinion that according to everything that I have read about CPT
coding that you are only allowed to charge for each different special stain
on multiple blocks from the  same case.  For example, if you are doing an
AFB and a GMS on Blocks A1 and A2 (same specimen) that is permissible as
long as each special stain is mentioned in the final report.  IF you are
doing an AFB on blocks A1 and A2 then you can only charge one special stain.
I would also defer to your compliance officer in the hospital, because they
are the ones that will ultimately have to answer to the Feds.    I hope that
this is what you needed.
Debbie J. Siena
NSH Legislative Chair person
Baylor University Medical Center
Dallas, TX 75246

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From: Robert Santoianni []
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2000 1:56 PM
Subject: Multiple CPT Code Billing

Does anyone out there know if you can charge for identical special
stains on the same specimen?  For example, AFB (88312) on blocks 1A and
1C.  Our admin. asst. says that you cannot bill for multiple identical
special stains on a specimen.
Bob Santoianni
Emory University Hospital
Atlanta, GA

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