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From:"Abrahamson, Brian" <babraham@MACNEAL.COM>
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We have replaced our Mercury based B5 with a Zinc Based B5 sold by Newcomer
(I am not sure if anyone else sells this product) with very good results.
The procedure is the same as with regular B5 and there is no Mercury pigment
removal needed.(an extra bonus)  All of the IHC and routine procedures show
very good staining results. 

Brian Abrahamson
Genesis Clinical Lab
Berwyn IL USA

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	Sent:	Wednesday, February 16, 2000 3:30 PM
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	Subject:	Mercury substitutes

	Has anybody found a comparable fixative to B5 for bone marrows and
	nodes?  I would like to replace our B5 with something less hazardous
	less expensive to dispose of.  Our pathologists are very fond of B5.

	Jennifer MacDonald
	San Antonio Community Hospital
	Upland, CA  91786
	(909) 985-2811 ext. 4148


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