RE: IHC and Melanin Pigment

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From:Hewlett Bryan <HEWLETT@HHSC.CA>
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We use AEC as chromogen for these cases.


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> From: 	Mike or Carol Schreiber[]
> Sent: 	February 16, 2000 3:38 PM
> To: 	HistoNet Server
> Subject: 	IHC and Melanin Pigment
> Dear Histonetters,
>     How is anybody dealing with heavy deposits of Melanin pigment in
> (skin)
> tissue that is to be stained for HMB-45 and/or S-100? We are using DAKO's
> Envision+/DAB+ detection system, on the DAKO autostainer.  Will a Melanin
> Bleach procedure  using Potassium Permanganate and Oxalic Acid adversely
> affect subsequent immunostaining? I read something about using Azure-B as
> a
> counterstain instead of Hematoxylin, which is supposed to stain the
> melanin
> a green-blue thus differentiating it from the brown staining of the DAB
> chromogen. Has anybody tried this?  Thanks for any help you can give me
> with
> this problem.
>     Mike Schreiber HT(ASCP)
>     Three Rivers Pathology
>     Roseville, Minnesota

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