RE: Histogel revisited

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From:"Molinari, Betsy" <>
To:Lynn Gardner <>, histonet <>

Hi Lynn,
 I originally started the Histogel question, I had a sample and wanted
to know what to expect. Since then I have run a test and am really
pleased with the results. I was able to orientate my teeny tiny mouse
carotids in the Histogel,  cool the Histogel,   process it and voila a
little cube of Histogel with my carotid perfectly orientated and ready
to embed. This is going to save me tons of time, not to mention
frustration. But I would like to have the same question answered..does
Histo gel  effect immuno staining?
Betsy Molinari

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> From: 	Lynn Gardner[]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, February 15, 2000 11:11 PM
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> Subject: 	Histogel revisited
> Dear all, 
> The other day I saw that someone asked if tissue that was in histogel,
> fixed and processed could be stained for immunohistochemistry. I did
> not
> see the answers could someone let me know if this is a possibility?
> Thanks all!
> Lynn Gardner

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