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You're right, there's little difference in paraformaldehyde and 10%NBF.
Paraformaldehyde is a polymerized(solid), form of formaldehyde which is
dissolved in water or PBS with heat and stirring.  10% NBF is made from a
37-40% formalin solution of the gaseous formaldehyde with methanol added as
a stabilizer. Our molecular biologists prefer fixation (when they have a
choice) in freshly made 4%paraformaldehyde in DEP treated PBS especially for
RNA work. 

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I thought there was little or no difference between 4% paraformaldehyde and
10% neutral buffered formalin.  Will a chemist step in and resolve my

>Date: 11 Feb 2000 05:34:11 -0600
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>Some suggestions:
>#225# Paraformaldehyde instead of formalin

>John Shelton
>Research Scientist
>UT Southwestern

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