RE: Antibody Search!!!!!

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From:Emma Carter <>
To:"''" <>

Jennifer Hoover wrote:

>  This would greatly improve our ability to confirm which cells are rat
> derived and which cells are mouse derived
> without the issue of x-reactivity which is currently a problem.   Any
> suggestions would be very much appreciated!  
	Althoug not quite CD45, something you could try staining for is Thy
	It is expressed by rat and mouse cells and is detectable with MRC
OX7 and ( oh hell, i cant remember the mouse one....)

	Anyways, i have used it when looking at xenografts in the rodent
brain, and you get _wonderful_ staining effects...looks like negative

	Good luck anyway,
	hope this helps some (probably not, but it was worth a shot...) Give
me time, and i will remember the mouse thy 1.1...

	emma carter

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