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Hi Jennifer. I would try the iso-IHC procedure. There will be no
cross-reactivity problems. The method is essentially; (in a test tube)adding
a biotin label to your primary antibody by the use of a labeling reagent
(this reagent is specific to mouse monoclonal antibodies therefore
contaminating proteins do not interfere), excess labeling reagent is
adsorbed with a blocking reagent. The mixture is put on the slide,
incubated, washed, and a streptavidin-conjugate added. I don't think this
short description may make sense but I can send you more information if you
are interested.

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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2000 8:04 AM
Subject: Antibody Search!!!!!

     Hi to All!  I am currently in a dilemna as I am trying to stain
tissue for mouse and rat CD45 positive cells.  Does anyone know of a
rabbit or goat anti rat or anti mouse CD45???  This would greatly improve
ability to confirm which cells are rat derived and which cells are mouse
without the issue of x-reactivity which is currently a problem. I have
the Linscott Directory but with limited success.  Any suggestions would be
much appreciated!  Thank you in advance!

Jennifer Hoover
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

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