Problem with HIER

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From:Tom Wells <>
To:histonet <>
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How's this for a strange problem:
For HIER we use a microwave pressure cooker and plastic coplin jars filled
with either Dako's citrate buffer or Dako's Target retrieval buffer. This
method has always worked reliably for us. Rarely, the pressure in the coplin
jars causes a lid to pop off (probably because the lid was on too tight) and
if there is enough buffer left to cover the slides this doesn't cause any
problems. Recently, however, whenever we use the target retrieval solution
lid pops off and all the solution boils over. This seems to be happening
increasing frequency. I have tried using new coplin jars, poking a hole in
lid to relieve the pressure, leaving the lid off, taping the lid on with
masking tape all to no avail. We haven't made any recent changes to the
method. This doesn't seem to happen with the citrate buffer. Why would this
start to be a problem all of a sudden?? Does anyone have a suggestion. I
want to give up on the retrieval solution because for certain antigens it
really makes a big difference. Please help. Thanks. Tom

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