Museum specimens of lungs

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From:Linda Jenkins <>
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	Try Carolina Biological Supply at 1-800-334-5551 or email at
<>.  In their catalog they have a Biosmount
Preparation  consisting of normal, smoker, and emphysema lung section from
human tissue.  Also, they have a Plastomount Department which can mount
just about anything if it has been previously fixed.  One of our former
students (to commemorate her very long caprine animal study) had a paper
weight made out of five goat eyeballs with one looking upward and the rest
looking out at each side. Gave new meaning to the expression, "Here's
lookin' at you Kid!".  Sorry, just couldn't resist that one!  Anyhow, they
did a beautiful job on mounting.
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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