Honours student calling for help with penis/foreskin samples.

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From:Bruce Abaloz <b.abaloz@zoology.unimelb.edu.au>
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Hi, i'm an honours student at the Univerty of Melbourne/Australia and am having trouble finding information about fixing samples as I will be working on foreskin and WHOLE penis samples & wanting to do IHC  If anyone could help with this & the following problems I would be most appreciative:
1. How soon after removal from the patient do foreskins and penises have to be frozen (& what procedure would I utilize) so I avoid cell damage and denaturation? (as the only source of specimens is from the coroner)??
2. Is it possible to cryo a whole penis and get uniform freezing because most penises are a bit larger than the recommended cubic centimetre sample size? 
3. Is there a better fixing method in which cell surface Ag's are still preserved so we can still stain specifically for them and maybe fix entire foreskins and penises (eg, NBF)?
4. How long can cryo sections be stored & @ what temp??                              Cheers & THANKS in advance for ANY suggestions....Scott. 

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