GMA staining: Technovit v. JB-4

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Subject: GMA staining: Technovit v. JB-4
From:    Carla Aiwohi
Date:    2/17/2000  7:47 AM

Hi everyone,

Recently our lab began using Technovit 7100 glycol methacrylate instead of
JB-4.  We have been very happy with the results, however staining (H&E, Giemsa)
is rather pale - photos are usually too light to submit for publication.
Increasing staining time (in Gill's #3 hematoxylin and alcoholic eosin) and
section thickness (to 3 microns) has helped a little, but the staining isn't as
dark as with JB-4.  We switched from JB-4 because of the 'cracked paint'
artifact in areas without tissue.  These were also referred to as mini-folds in
J of Histotechnology 19(4):297-311.

We want to continue using Technovit so does anyone have any suggestions on how
to increase staining quality in these sections?  Also, has anyone else
experienced the 'cracked paint' phenomenon and how did you correct it?
Thank you very much,
Carla Aiwohi
Western Fisheries Research Center
Seattle, WA 

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