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Dear HistoNetters

I received this request from a student.  Please respond directly to the
requestor, not to me or to the list.

Best regards,
Steven Slap

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I'am histopathologist students and I make my project about the compersion of
resin section and paraffin section of lymph nodes and see which one give
more detail to the pathologists.Please could you send to my any information
about resin section(acrylic) and about paraffin section of lymph node.  Also
if you can send for my any information about the five fixative(10% formalin,
buffered formalin, carnoy's, zenker, formalin sublimate)and there effect in
paraffin section of liver,spleen, intestinal.thankes for read my message and
i will be very pleasureif you send to me the information.
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