CNS stains

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From:Jeff Silverman <>
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Tina, You can prepare beautiful sections of brain and spinal cord using the
Luxol Fast Blue Cresyl Echt Violet method of Kluver and Barrerra- myelin is
a gorgeous turquiose blue while glia and neurons are purple. I think you
can combine it with PAS also. I vaguely remember a luxol fast
blue-hematoxylin and eosin method for routine use in neuropathology at the
old Saint Barnabas Hospital for Chronic Diseases in the Bronx. I also like
the Bodian method using Silver protein (protargol) with some copper in the
bottom of the Coplin jar. This is a silver impreganation method for
neurites. Both methods are in the AFIP Manual.  There's always good old
hematoxylin and eosin sections also, but cut CNS tissue at 6 microns, a
little thicker gives you better visualization of the nerve tracts. Good
Jeff Silverman 

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