Aidan Schurr Re Mummified Brain.

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It took a little looking but I finally found my files on Mummified Tissues.  In particular there is one paper that is very interesting, writen by two individuals who have specialized in reconstituting mummified tissues and then processing it into paraffin blocks.  The paper is very complete and detailed, even giving processing solutions and schedules.  They recomend the following as a rehydrating solution.
95% ethyl alcohol  30 vol
1% aqueous formalin  50 vol
5% aqueous sodium carbonate 20 vol
The volume of solution to tissue being rehydrated should be 20 to 1.
They also suggest that the mummified tissue be cut into small sections suitable for processing before rehydration and processing, though in your case this may not be the way you would like to go.  I would suggest getting the paper, reading it then making a decision.
The paper was published in,
Mummies, Disease, and Ancient Cultures
Aidan & Eve Cockburn (eds)
Cambridge University Press (1980)
Theodore A Reyman & Ann M Dowd
Processing of mummified tissues for histological examination.
Chapter 15, p258 to p272

Hope this is helpfull
Kerry Beebe

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