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Dear muscle (enzyme histochemistry) bound HistoNetters,

We have used Sigma's equine ATPase for years. Yesterday, they  told us that
they have decided to eliminate this item because their supplier of "starter
material" is out of business. (Their horse died!)  At first, Sigma told us
that the catalog number had been changed.  Then after a couple of weeks they
determined that they simply have stopped supplying this specific product.
Sigma has not been able to give us any help in confidently suggesting
substitute products. 

We would like to hear what others are doing. We havn't identified another
supplier. If there is one, of course we would like to have their name &
contact information.  What other product might be used and the procedure to
achieve the beautiful staining results we have generated for years with our
present procedure?  

Of course, during this period of time we have received a case for which we
need this stain.   Any help will be greatly appreciated.  If you so wish,
you may e-mail or FAX your recommendations directly to me,

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Jeannie Fisher, HTL (ASCP)	FAX  816-932-2230
				Phone 816-932-2230 


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