xylene substitute for coverslip film/cassette labeler

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From:"Scott, Allison D" <Allison_Scott@hchd.tmc.edu>

Does anyone know of a xylene substitute that will work with coverslipfilm
made by tissue tek. We are currently using a tissue tek coversliper, and
would like to use a xylene substitute.  We are using clear rite 3, and it
does not work well with the film.  We would like to eliminate the use of
xylene. The cost of disposal is very expensive.  In order for us to use the
coverslipper, we have to use xylene in the last station on the stainer, the
other 2 stations have clear rite 3, and the coverslipper has xylene.  In
reference to the cassette labeler, we are using the one made by surgipath.
It has helped us 100%.

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