prostate epithelial cell immunostaining, mouse

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From:"Robert G. Russell" <>
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Dear histonetters,

I am interested in antibodies which stain normal mouse prostatic epithelium
(and also antibodies that stain mouse prostatic adenoma/carcinoma).  Anyone
had experience immunostaining mouse prostate e.g. with some of the
cytokeration, PSA, high MW CK, prostatic acid phosphatase, or other
antibodies, and the supplier. 

thank you

Dr Robert G. Russell
Histotechnology and Comparative Pathology Facility
Forchheimer  734
Phone: (718) 430-3209
Fax:   (718) 430-3243

mail address:
Ullmann Building, Room 1005,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus
1300 Morris Park Av., Bronx, NY, 10461.

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