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From:Mark Elliott <MElliott@mrl.ubc.ca>
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We have run out of our regular lens cleaning solution and would like 
to order some more but we cannot seem to locate a vendor.  I am 
hoping that someone on Histonet can help us track it down, or tell 
us of a good substitute.  It is Baxter Scientific Products S/P Brand 
Lens Cleaner,  Cat M6015  2 fl oz size bottles.  We have looked on 
the Baxter website and can't find, have called VWR Canlab which 
used to be Baxter but they don't have it.  Any help would be greatly 


Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott, PhD
Research Associate
UBC-Pulmonary Research Lab
St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 1Y6
604-806-8351 (FAX)

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