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From:Rebecca S Smith <> (by way of histonet)
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We are in search of the most wonderful of all "AUTOMATED CASSETTE
LABELER"s.  It must be fairly user friendly.  (You know how some of those
pathologists are!)  & Versatility would be a plus.  What are you folks out
there in Histo Land using (besides markers and pencils).  We got Shandon's
CasMark in to demo and were impressed until we realized that the alphabet
only goes so far and that you couldn't put a letter where you wanted it,
unless you spend $5,000 and wait 13 weeks for a custom made head for your
own lab.  Some people seem to be intimidated by the keyboards.  But, if it
was real simple (Idiot proof type)  I think they could get over their fears
quite quickly.  I know it seems to be asking for the moon, but if you don't
ask, you might not find out that there's a "moon" out there
somewhere.  Thanks in advance!

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